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Hannah's story is one that is filled with both grief and sorrow and yet turns into a beautiful testament of God's love and faithfulness.Hannah knew sadness. It was no stranger to her as she desired for years to have a child but was barren. She soon became vexed as she was constantly provoked by her rival, Peninnah, for her inability to conceive. But Hannah was a woman of prayer. In her heartache and despair, she asked God for a child. She vowed to God that if he gave her a son, she would in return "give him back to Him." She pledged that she would in time give up her son so that the boy would be raised in the temple and taught by the priest Eli about God. Hannah trusted God.And God heard her.In time, Hannah conceived and was faithful in her promise to God. Her story is a beautiful reminder of how God hears us. How prayer is a powerful and beautiful thing! And how God will sometimes allow heartache to happen in our lives, so we can later birth a joy and behold his power and glorious faithful love. Read more about Hannah in 1 Samuel.


*Materials- 18k Gold plated post

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