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Stylish Modest Fashion for The Proverbs 31 Woman

Stylish Modest Fashion for The Proverbs 31 Woman

Long before Clay + Noble began, and before I became a Mama of four rambunctious children, I worked in high end retail and absolutely LOVED fashion! It was my ideal outlet of being able to express my individuality. A way for this shy bashful wallflower to be a vibrant butterfly. Nowadays, I've traded designer pants and tops for sweatpants and spaghetti stained sweatshirts, and honestly there's NOTHING wrong with that. I'm just finding myself in a different season of life and I know that the little food smeared handprints will eventually be gone and I'll miss them. So, I'm now conscious more than ever about enjoying every little bit of it, sweatpants and all.  Motherhood is crazy messy (and not for the faint of heart, lol) but it's also the most rewarding thing in the entire world. Don't get me wrong having little people's boogies on my tee-shirt and last night's dinner lingering on my shorts isn't always my ideal perception of "fashion", but I know they're memories I'll one day miss. 

Although it isn't very often, my husband and I will somehow manage to get a babysitter for our kiddos and we'll get the chance to go out for a date night. It's something I always look forward to as I get the opportunity to "feel like a woman again" by taking the time to dress up. I enjoy getting the chance to doll myself up and although I might not be a size 6 like before, I've learned to embrace my current size, curves and all! I love getting a new outfit together and feeling confident and beautiful in my own skin.

Proverbs 31, is a very well known chapter in the Bible that describes the attributes of a Godly woman. One who is modest, business savvy, trustworthy, praiseworthy, valuable, hardworking, kind, loving, and fears and delights herself in the Lord. (One that I personally desire to be like.) I've learned that as a Christian woman I can still be a fashionable woman. Just because we're women of faith doesn't mean we have to trade in our clothing for unflattering clothes we don't even like. Now of course, we want to take into account that we want to be presented respectfully and modestly, but we can still embrace fashion and be tasteful and stylish. Our love of fashion doesn't need to dimish and we can still use it as an avuenue of expressing our unique and God given individual personalities. I've learned it's a very delicate but empowering balance that's gracefully creative. 

Many times I've been asked of I how style our earrings and pieces with my outfits and here are a few of my favorites! You can shop the entire look and make it yours by clicking on the itemized photos at the bottom of the page. 


*Elegant statement freshwater pearl dangles- available on our website 

*Dainty pearl bracelet- available on our website


*Green seashell and pearls dangles- available on our website


*Hagar in coral pink- available on our website


*Anna (*Limited time "Take me to the beach" Edition) earrings- avaliable on our website 

*Take me to the beach bangle- available on our website


 *Natural freshwater pearl dangles- available on our website


*Laid back seashells earrings- available on our website

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