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-To clean, use a clean cotton swab (q- tip) dipped in rubbing alcohol and LIGHTLY wipe the desired area. (This does NOT apply to any hand-painted pieces.)

-For hand-painted pieces simply use a non-fragranced baby wipe and lightly wipe the desired area. Again, lightly wiping is key. 

*Please note that pieces containing brass elements will naturally tarnish over time. In this event, use a cotton swab and white vinegar to help restore its original shine. 

What if my piece breaks?

-If you should experience the unfortunate event of your piece arriving broken or if it breaks within 1 week of purchase, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss a solution.


-Yes! Our hardware used is hypoallergenic (lead and nickel free). We also offer an additional option for extra sensitive ears like clear acrylic ear hooks. If this is an option you're interested in, please contact us. We would love to help accommodate your needs!

Jewelry Care

Each piece has undergone very thorough testing to ensure durability. Although polymer clay is very flexible proper care is CRUCIAL. Any improper usage and storage can result in breakage. This especially pertains to more intricate and delicate pieces.

​To ensure the longevity of your C+N pieces you should...

-Remove when sleeping, showering, swimming, working out, or sunbathing.​

-Avoid using any harsh chemicals and perfumes to preserve your jewelry's lifespan.

​-Store in a dry and cool dark place. Preferably in a jewelry box.


*Please note that since all pieces are handcrafted imperfections may occur.