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Bathsheba is one of my personal favorite women in the Bible. She is introduced in 2 Samuel and is described as a "very beautiful" woman (2 Samuel 11:2). She has an adulterous affair with King David, becomes pregnant, then loses her husband Uriah in war. Whoa. Yes, seriously, that's in the bible. (Read her story. It's definitely intriguing.)Her story is filled with loss, pain, and restoration. God redeemed Bathsheba's pain by later blessing her with a son named Solomon (aka The Wisest King in the world), and God includes her in the lineage of Christ. Her story shows how God can restore sinners who come back to Him. It's relatable in the sense that we are all sinners, we fall short many times in life, but even through it all God's love and goodness surpasses all the pain and sin we sometimes cause on our own.

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