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Meaning: Flight or forgotten 

A woman whose story is matched with such raw depth and sadness but also such mercy and glorious favor. It's one story that's most dear to my heart and one I relate to most. Hagar was a slave of Sarah, wife of Abraham. She was purchased in Egypt and served as a maid to Abraham's barren wife, Sarah, who gave her to Abraham so he could conceive an heir. Hagar was a foreigner who was mocked, unheard, and forgotten. She was outcasted and treated badly by Sarah as she soon became jealous of Hagar. As a result of Sarah's jealousy, Hagar was forced into banishment with her son Ishmael into the desert of Beersheba. In the wilderness, Hagar endures a great deal as her and her son run out of water, and they're faced with near death dehydration. Consumed by worry and fear, she lies her son under a thicket and sits opposite of him and begins to sob uncontrollably crying out for help. But the angel of God calls to Hagar from heaven and consoles her, then saving their lives by showing her a nearby well. 

Hagar was a woman who was greatly oppressed, but God had shown such compassion on her as he revealed himself to her not once, but TWICE! Hagar was also the only person in the bible who gave God a name, El Roi, meaning the God who sees me.

Through Hagar's story, we are reminded that GOD SEES US. HE HEARS US. HE CARES FOR US. He is faithful even when the rest of the world abandons us; he will never leave us. Hagars story speaks so deeply to my own heart, gently reminding me that God hears us and answers us when we call out to him. 

Read more of Hagar's story in Geness 16.


*Materials: 18k Gold plated post

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