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Clay + Noble



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This elegant design was inspired by the woman whose story is introduced in Genesis 24. Rebekah was described as "beautiful" and openly displayed that she had a servant's heart. We meet Rebekah at a nearby well. She unknowingly runs into a weary traveler, and Rebekah immediately offers to help care for the travelers' flock of camels by fetching water for them to drink. This was no easy task as a typical camel can drink up to 53 gallons of water in three minutes! That's a lot of water to draw for multiple camels. However, she did not allow such a daunting task to prevent her from completing her assignment. Rebekah had a good work ethic. Moved with compassion, Rebekah even goes to the extent of offering lodge for the wearly traveler in her family's own home! She didn't hesitate to help this man in his time of need. One lesson that can be taken from this part of Rebekah's story is that servanthood isn't just doing what we're asked or even expected to do. Rather, to instead go above and beyond that said expectation, even if that task is difficult, time consuming, or dare I say, inconvenient. The true nature of having a heart of servitude is a selfless, noble, and beautiful trait to possess. It's even one worth striving for. Read more of Rebekah's story to see how it unfolds.


*Materials: 18k Gold plated ball post

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